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The Most Important Antioxidant. Your Body Needs This!

 Get Ready to Re-Charge!

It’s still winter. Several sniffles and coughs are going around, as well as fatigue. Many of you have heard the buzz about glutathione already.  But in case this is a foreign word to you or you are not sure what the hype is about, we’re going to give you a little summary on the power of this super molecule! 

Glutathione is the single most important most protective antioxidant produced by the body. It is made of three amino acids (protein building blocks): cysteine, glycine and glutamine.  It plays a major role in detoxification and your kidneys, eyes, liver, spleen and pancreas holds the highest levels of this molecule. 

Other benefits include: 

Immune function. It plays a major role in fighting viral infections and protection from cancer and free radicals (oxidative stress from the environment). 

Clearing toxins in people with heavy organ and tissue stress from things like pharmaceutical drugs, heavy metals and xenobiotics (estrogens from environmental sources such as plastic exposure and commercial cosmetics). 

Supports function in people at risk for (or suffering from) type 2 diabetes, neurodegenerative disorders, heart attack, cancer and stroke. 

Who can benefit from Glutathione? Anyone with inadequate protein intake, digestive disorders, or conditions affecting the small intestine, liver, pancreas or stomach.  

Before you buy...How do you know WHICH glutathione is best? 

Look for a high quality oral liposomal form.  Intravenous is very effective but can be costly.  And research is showing that IV delivery can raise blood levels but it is not the best way to increase levels of glutathione inside most cells. Liposomal wrapped glutathione (and other nutrients) provide a higher rate of delivery into your cells due to the phospholipids which bond easily with your cells’ membranes. They can also penetrate the blood-brain barrier and survive the acidic environment of your stomach to ensure optimal absorption at the targeted sites like your intestines. When nutrients are degraded in the acidic stomach, it reduces your body’s absorption.  Liposomal liquids allow for more specific dosing over pill form. One of our recommended liposomal glutathione products is available online.  

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