COVID-19 Updates


Our efforts to maintain a clean and safe environment for patients have been in place since the beginning of our operations. However, due to current concerns regarding viruses, we have emphasized aspects of our policies to reassure patients. 


  • You will never feel rushed in or out of our office because of these additional safety practices. 
  • You will always be informed via text in the event of an emergency closure for any reason. 
  • You will be given options to reschedule on late notice should you have any apprehension regarding your health or questionable symptoms which arise. 
  • You will always have access to health resources and options in our office to simultaneously strengthen your immune system. Just ask! 


Preparing the Office:  We are cleaning the office using effective agents while minimizing chemical exposure risk to our patients.  Areas cleaned include the waiting area, reception desks, and all treatment rooms. Treatment tables have always been cleaned before each patient. 


Patient Care:   Employees will wear face coverings if they are not medically exempt nor asymptomatic. We advocate for our patients’ health which includes their natural immunity. Therefore, patients are welcome to wear face coverings if they wish. The City of Glendale’s latest proclamation indicates mask exemptions for private offices that have less than 10 people distanced inside at any given time. We maintain less than this maximum and encourage distancing inside our office. Doctors and therapists have always practiced hand washing between each patient encounter. Living Pure keeps both commercial hand sanitizers and safe, non-toxic sanitizing prays and lotions available for your use. If you are experiencing cough, shortness of breath, or fever, we ask that you notify us immediately and we will reschedule your appointment. 


Patient Communication: To maintain the 10-person City of Glendale limit and distancing recommendations, we encourage one person seated in our waiting room at a time. Exceptions are made for a patient’s caregiver, spouse/partner, or parent/guardian of a child. If you have any concerns, you may call or text us from outside or from your vehicle to notify us of your arrival and wait for our response. Our number is 623.572.4476. We also offer contactless payments via credit card and online bill pay for your convenience and safety concerns. Our goal is to make your experience as healthy and as stress-free as possible without compromising the safety or the effectiveness of your care.  

Your health is our highest priority so please address any concerns you may have either prior to, during, or after your appointment. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

 The Living Pure Team


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