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  • Welcome to the Living Pure Journey to Better Health!
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Welcome to the Living Pure Journey to Better Health!

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Welcome to our NEW blog! We are excited to bring you our personalized approach to health education on this platform. Our wellness center is based on the healing principles of Eastern and Western medicine. As a chiropractor and acupuncturist, I utilize both in my clinical thinking during every patient encounter.

Many of our patients walk in with one or two complaints and end up experiencing relief in several more areas. This usually happens over time while the body is adapting to changes in energy, physical alignment and neurology from our treatments. 

You may be reading this post, because it's time to take back your health.  Our team is comprised of very experienced professionals who listen to you, not just hear your problems.  Whether you are looking for natural pain relief or you want to revolutionize your life with long lasting improvements, we can help. You set the intention. We propose the strategy. 

We are located in North Glendale (Arrowhead area) in Arizona and open Monday through Friday, as well as most Saturdays.  Our updates, specials and announcements go out through our newsletter so feel free to subscribe here!

 Thank you for reading and allowing us to share with you!

Wishing you exceptional health and happiness this holiday season,

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