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Is CBD Right for You?

The CBD market has exploded in the last several years.  It’s overwhelming to look at all the options online, in stores, and those presented to you by your neighbor, relative, and circles of friends. 

We have outlined some things to consider when choosing a CBD solution. First of all, we strongly encourage you to check with your medical physician before implementing a new protocol or making any decisions based on what you read in this blog. 


Our last blog article explained what CBD is, how it works on our bodies, and the several conditions which generally respond to CBD therapy. 


This post is written to help you understand the different delivery types of CBD and how to choose a quality product without wasting money. 


Source and Purity:  
Why do we choose to provide CBD for our patients? Because it’s a “natural” substance to help re-establish balance in your body and reduce pain.  There are so many CBD companies in this booming market, so how do you know which ones produce safe effective options? Look for a certificate of analysis which states testing for heavy metals and other contaminants. We have our manufacturer’s certificate displayed in the office so patients can be assured they are being introduced to a quality product line. 


Delivery Method:  

There are ingestible CBD products and topicals. We are sure you have seen CBD in many edible forms such as chews, candy, brownies. If you choose to consume the candy varieties, make sure they don’t contain preservatives and artificial sweeteners such as corn syrup and colorings. Our preferred ingestible CBD is drops and gel capsules. 

Sublingual Drops 
We chose water-soluble CBD tinctures for greater bioavailability. Available in 250mg and 500mg tinctures and in different flavors such as orange and lemon.  


For site-specific problems such as inflamed, painful muscles a topical may be the way to go. Our office uses gels, lotions, and salves in some of our treatments. For self-application patients usually buy the gel roll-on, which allows them to apply some pressure directly into the area so all the product gets into the involved area and none on their hands. 

The salve is a relatively concentrated mixture in a small, portable tin container (great for travel) and because of its texture, a little goes a long way. This one is great for conditions where you cannot apply any pressure such as small, inflamed joints, skin rashes, and bruises. It also has over 20 essential oils which are quite calming. 

CBD cremes are great for conditions where the patient would benefit from soft tissue therapy (moderate to heavy pressure) for the mechanical release of a muscle. So, it’s easy to apply and leaves your skin moisturized. Try this one on your feet before bed! 

It is always your preference based on what type of topical CBD you are comfortable with when applying your own therapy at home! 


Everyone has different needs and tolerances so finding your dosage should be under the consultation of a licensed health professional.  Oil-based drops are stronger and will have a stronger taste. Our patients currently prefer the water-soluble drops for the lighter taste, easier absorption, and the flexibility to mix them with other liquids and foods. 

Other CBD products we order upon request are bath bombs, lip balms, and gel capsules. 


Please note:  We use these zero THC products as a natural support for patients while we investigate and help patients address the underlying causes of their conditions. After all, they need to get sufficient sleep and reduce the pain so they function in their day-to-day lives in the interim! 

If you have any questions, please contact us at 623.572.4476 or send us a message! 




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