Five Ways to Keep a Happy, Healthy State of Mind.

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The holiday season for most comes with additional stress from the hustle-bustle and demands we place on ourselves. Here are some ways to keep your calm and enjoy the season without losing your mind, sleep or your health! 

1. Make your priority list each dayWhen there are so many things to do in a short period of time, having an organized list prevents wasted time and energy. Tackle the most important things first and schedule them during a time you are less likely to be interrupted.  


2. Sleep.  If you are not sleeping well or enough to begin with, chances are you’re not doing better during the holidays. Set up your environment to foster a soothing and quiet space.  Avoid watching TV or reading/watching on tablets and phones at least 30 minutes before bed. (Essentially, we are saying, unplug!) You need to decompress and your brain needs to reset in order to be productive and prevent illness. 


3. Breathe. Often, we are on the go so much doing adrenaline dashes, we forget to feed our brains and cells with oxygen properly. Then the shallow breathing starts, resulting in headaches, dizziness, neck pain and scattered thinking. Take 5 at least twice a day to sit and do some deep breathing cycles. If you’re not sure how. Read this article on how to quiet the mind and ease into a habit of therapeutic breathing for stress!   


4. Acupuncture. The magic of those thin needles inserted into strategic points helps many people deal with stress better, calm down, sleep well, digest well and make better decisions. Why? It regulates the “qi” or energy through your meridians, removing the blockage, reducing stagnation or sluggishness of specific organs or systems in the body. Contact our office to schedule your session with Dr. Zair.  


5. Let it go. We don’t have control over the weather, traffic and other people’s behaviorsTherefore it’s best to just roll with it, express gratitude for the lesson of a bad or stressful situation or for what is simply good in your life. 

Happy Holidays and we wish you abundant health and happiness. We will be closed on December 25th and return to regular hours December 26th! 




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