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Holiday Eating: Curb the Cravings and Prevent the Bloats!

photo credit: Fasci via Envato

We have some smart strategies to help you ease through the holidays with minimal damage and maximum enjoyment!   

Are you on a program or diet? The last thing you want to do is jeopardize all the hard work and investment you made into meeting your goals. Holidays come with parties, temptations, delicious, fun foods and cocktails which are so hard to resist. You can still enjoy the season without depriving yourself. However, if you have been given any medical advice to avoid certain foods or ingredients, check with your doctor first before altering your diet, despite the festivities around the corner!  


Here are our top 5 tips for staying in control and avoiding eating misery this holiday season:  

#1   Before you leave for that party, hydrate extra well and maybe add electrolytes to your water the day of the party. Watch out for the artificial sweeteners like sucralose, (read the labels.). Sufficient hydration can limit your temptations to taste, try or binge on carbs, sweets and other risky food and drink.  


#2   Choose your Poison carefully: Certain alcohols contain higher levels of gut irritants like fructose (rum, dessert and sparkling wines) and gluten (beer) watch out for the cream liqueurs which contain a combo of sugar and dairy. Safer options would be spirits combined with non-sweet mixers, dry white wines, lower alcohol reds, and gluten-free beers. 


#3   Are you afraid of Bloating?  Take a daily probiotic (preferably dairy-free) 30 minutes before the meal or during the meal. Why?  Because it will be buffered by the food during its passage through the digestive tract and not corroded by the acidic stomach. On a regular basis, consuming prebiotic foods at least two days prior to holiday festivities is a good way to set the stage for a stronger gut. Prebiotics are the foods the probiotics need to thrive! These include whole-plant foods: dandelion greens, seaweed, apples, flaxseed (add this to your protein shake) and jicama.  

#4   Do you Crave the sweets and salties? Get in a workout on the day of the party. Exercise stimulates better blood sugar balance and can result in better decision making – yes even when it comes to food choices. (Tip: Grocery shop after the gym!) Dehydration can also lead to cravings. At the dinner party drink a glass of water right before you approach the dessert table. Wait a couple of minutes and see what happens.  


#5   A Healthy Microbiome results in better food tolerancesThe environment inside your gut wall determines most of your overall health, including digestion. If you’re not taking any digestive enzymes on a regular basis, start now. Bloating, constipation, flatulence, food allergies or sensitivities are signs of digestive enzyme deficiency.  A comprehensive enzyme, especially one containing, HCl or hydrochloric acid will maintain a more acidic environment in your stomach to help you break down the food and proteins you eat and prevent them from fermenting there. (This fermentation is a cause of acid reflux). If you are not sure which enzymes to take, check with your physician. Our office provides safe and very effective options for those seeking help with nutrition. Contact us for details!