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Hot Spa Rock Therapy - the Safe and Hygienic Way!

Unlike the hot stones, Hot Spa Rock is our way of improving the client experience when it comes to warm, relaxing and therapeutic massage.  

These are smooth, non-porous electrically heated rocks that hold their heat throughout an entire session. They also do not burn our therapists’ hands because only one side of the rocks are heated, allowing them to continue the heat application without interruption! That’s right! They don’t have to pause to obtain new rocks from the crockpot. You receive continuous heated pressure strokes as long as therapeutically necessary, not as long as the heated stones last! 

These work much the same as the river rocks which are commonly seen in spas, however, the Spa Rocks have several advantages. Current massage stones require the treatment to be scheduled in advance in order to prepare the hot water bath and the heating of the massage stones for hours.  Our Spa Rocks heat up to optimum temperature in mere minutes. So, should you decide to upgrade your treatment when you arrive, no worries! We just turn on the heating element of the Spa Rock System. 

A big added benefit:  The smooth, non-porous rocks make them more hygienic. Although they sound wonderful, natural stones’ irregular surfaces can easily trap skin cells and bacteria which pose a risk if not cleaned well in between uses.  

Heat has long been used to ease muscle tension and pain. Spa Rock treatment allows our therapists to get deeper into the muscles without more pressure. The treatment helps increase blood flow to the affected area. It may also reduce muscle spasms and increase flexibility, which improves your range of motion.  

Brenda has introduced Hot Spa Rock therapy to her clients for a few years and receives wonderful feedback on the relaxation response and the lasting effects.  For this month only (November 2019) she is offering a discounted trial on this upgrade! Call us at 623.LP CHIRO or see our website for details!