Massage TherapyBrenda massage

Massage Benefits:

  • Improves blood circulation, relieves congestion throughout the body.
  • Stimulates lymph circulation, eliminates toxic debris and waste-a wonderful detox!
  • Relaxes muscle spasm and relieves tension.
  • Improves tone and elasticity of muscle and skin.
  • Relieves stiff joints and aching feet.
  • Reduces stress levels, allowing mind and body relaxation.
  • Improves sleeping patterns.
  • Increases excretion of fluids and waste products of inorganic phosphorus and salt.
  • Stretches connective tissues, improves circulation and nutrition by breaking down and preventing the formation of adhesions, and reduces the danger of fibrosis.

Prices and Menu:

One hour session: $59

30min session: $35

  • Swedish/Basic Therapeutic TreatmentIMG 2560
  • Pregnancy (add $10)
  • Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Sports Therapy (add $15)
  • Lymphatic Drainage (add $10)
  • Spa Therapies including Spa Hot Rock Massage (NEW!)...(add $15)
  • Postural Integration Therapy (add $15)